Monday, March 24, 2008

Winter Soldier reported by the Nation

Winter Soldier: The Nation

"IVAW issued an impassioned statement that condemned not only US military tactics but the occupation itself. 'The military is being asked to win an occupation,' the statement read. 'The troops on the ground know this is an impossible task.... We have a political problem that cannot be solved with a military solution. This is not a war that can be won. It is an occupation that can only be ended."

" While the Winter Soldiers offered a searing critique of the military's treatment of civilians, which they described as alternately inhumane and sadistic, they also empathized with fellow soldiers thrust into a chaotic urban theater where the lines between combatants and civilians are blurred. "It's criminal to put such patriotic a situation where their morals are at odds with their survival instincts," said Adam Kokesh, who served as a Marine sergeant in the raid on Fallujah in 2004."

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