Friday, March 14, 2008

pictures from winter soldier

Pictures taken this morning at Winter Soldier

Scott and Sherry Camil watching testimony on Rules of Engagement

Cliff Hicks and fellow Soldier form Iraq Steven Casey testifying on Rules of Engagement

Panel on The Crisis in Veteran Health Care

And you can see that the press recognizes that History is being made today!

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Margaret said...

The photos posted on this site are much appreciated. Those of us who could not attend can still feel connected to this historic event.

This weekend's gathering honors those young patriots who courageously walked the path of personal accountability before, at the first Winter Soldier hearings in Detroit so many years ago.

The gathering also demonstrates that an age-old teaching is still alive and well: That one is morally obligated to do the right thing, even if it seems no big-wigs are hearing what's being said at the time, or even if there's a bevy of media broadcasting the message to the world.