Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Future of GI Resistance

Sunday March 16th 1:30 - 3:15

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Kelly Dougherty - Chair
Executive director of Winter Soldier

Phil Aliff
A stronger civilan movement means a stronger GI movement. A strong civilian movement will inspire
Unity on withdrawal of all US military and contractors form Iraq
Unity on reparations for the damage done in Iraq
Unity for full benefits and support for our soldiers and veterans

Jeff Englehart - served in Iraq to fulfill obligation to his contract.
through reading he came to recognize the pattern of American occupation through history, most recently in Vietnam.
He established and War Blog:

Garret Reppenhagen - first active duty member of IVAW - served as a sniper in Iraq (Falluja) - established his own war blog which led eventually to his discharge

It would be a shame if the exercise of first amendment's rights bu GIs became "unpatriotic"
75% of this wars vets are still in the military
Garret talks about hope that the Peace community could provide support for Veterans that oppose the war - to make the peace movement a peace army that fights for the cause of stopping the occupation.
Announced that the website is presently overwhelmed with membership applications

Ronn Cantu - Served two tours
in Iraq the last ending in 2008 - still active duty at Ft Hood
For the record nothing I say should be construed to be in behalf of the defense department
He started out with great feelings of patriotism which eventually became feelings of frustration as the war in Iraq became an occupation. Please don't let us be the first generation of veterans forgotten while the war wasgoing on.
He just announced his 30th birthday - the audience promptly sang him Happy Birthday - He replied that he was part of IVAW to make sure all his fellow soldiers could celebrate their 30th birthday too.

Camilo Mejia - refused to deploy to his second tour and served jail time.
Today marks the birth of a new generation of Winter Soldiers.
IVAW has become a source of stress to the military command and the government
Members are being investigated by the FBI and incarcerated for pushing back
IVAW has dared to: ananlyze and be critical, to go beyond patriotism to embrace humanity, to challenge the policies of a failed war,
We refuse nation building in Iraq when our own levees are failing and bridges are falling down.
To treat other people with humanity we must treat our own people with humanity - eliminate racism and sexism and homophobia

We are still soldiers - we are just not their soldiers anymore
We are the new winter soldiers

Soldiers in Iraq are watching Winter soldier on PBS and the internet when they can and emailing the IVAW members!

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