Sunday, August 10, 2008

IVAW Coffee shop opens at Fort Hood this Fall

Under The Hood:

"Under The Hood is a cafe and coffee shop planned to open in September 2008. In the spirit of the Oleo Strut coffee shop from the late '60s, Under The Hood will be a place for soldiers to meet and unwind. Under The Hood is a much needed venue in Ft. Hood of Killeen, Texas. Under The Hood is in the planning phase now and is looking for donations!"

"During Vietnam, the GI antiwar movement got off the ground when civilians started establishing a string of coffeehouses around military installations. Since moving to Fort Hood, and especially since establishing a Fort Hood Chapter of IVAW, I've heard of many "movements" to open a coffeehouse, but for the first time (in a long time) I'm genuinely excited because it's really happening. Your donations are greatly appreciated and will go a long way toward giving us what we need in order to take care of our brothers and sisters as well as organize a viable movement to help end these destructive, pointless wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Thank you very much. "
-- Ronn Cantu President of Iraq Veterans Against the War Chapter 38 at Fort Hood

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