Friday, January 25, 2008

Successful antiwar campaign in the deep south

Daily Kos: Shall I Compare Thee to an Iraq Summer’s Day?

This is an inspirational (and hilarious!) account full of great ideas on how to organize a community against war. Lots of folks worked together across the antiwar spectrum. We can all learn from this one!

"The Kentucky Iraq Summer Campaign had the task of targeting the white whale of all GOP law-makers, Senate B-team Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Malebolge). Mitch is the self-proclaimed "biggest supporter of pResident Bush’s war on Iraq". He is unapologetic about his tactics of obstructionism and deception which continue the destruction of our military from the ground up. And he refuses, absolutely refuses, to meet with any constituents who disagree with him on the war. This made for an exciting summer of bird-dogging, stakeouts, canvassing and rallies which pursued and harassed the Senator from the hot tent of Fancy Farm to the hotbed of Kentucky conservatism in NKY. "

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