Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Mile tour and slideshow

A photo tour of VFP Chapter 14 Memorial Day display for 2010. This is the 4th year of this display. It is the result of hundreds hours of work by hundreds of community volunteers, many of them veterans. Organized and directed by Master Sargent Scott Camil, US Marine Corps.

The flags placed on individual tombstone signify a personal connection to that soldier by someone affiliated with Vets for Peace or by one of our visitors to the display.


Alice said...

This is very touching. Thank you so much for doing this each year.

Alice Primack

peter said...

it was an honor to help place the tombstones

peter bellincampi

Chris said...

Thank you.

Chris said...

Thank You.

One More Time said...

As always, the Memorial Mile is heartbreaking and breathtaking at the same time. It is also an act of love gift-wrapped in hard, hard, hard work. Thank you so much for doing this.

Louise Legun said...

Memorial Mile was the inspiration for VFP Chapter 152's first Memorial Day display 2010. We set up tombstones for the PA. military members who have died in Iraq and Afghanistan. Thank you for what you are doing.

City College Veteran's said...

What exactly is your aim with this memorial mile tour? Do you check with the families to make certain their loved ones would have wanted to have their deaths used as propaganda?
Do you ever consider that perhaps you served with actual patriots who viewed their service as necessary and worthy of pride?
Or are they all just victims?
You know, the people who protested Vietnam had good intentions as well, and, they inflicted more damage on American morale than the N.V.A. and the V.C. combined.
Veteran's for Peace?
Did you, or do you currently enjoy benefits which you obtained from service in the Armed Services? Because, if you are men and women of principle, you'd boycott everything which has to do with American's being sent to war- including the money you were paid, the educations you received, or could have received.
I think you are all a bunch of "fair weather" patriots who want "rights" and Freedom served to you without any sacrifice.
You are the weakest links...

City College Veteran's said...

Oh, and please change your name to accurately reflect your standings in the Veteran community.
Please change your name to, "a small, fraction of a percent of Veterans who are for peace after signing in for school and benefits and actually being asked to do our jobs."
This mentality needs to be purged from the American consciousness. You support a ridiculous ideology and use ludicrous quotes, from random persons polled in the name of propaganda, and are enmeshed in a fairy tale inspired idea of the workings of foreign policy.