Sunday, January 31, 2010

Barney Frank: We're broke because of war |

Barney Frank: We're broke because of war | "Barney Frank: We're broke because of war
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Barney Frank said at the World Economic Forum: 'I think the biggest problem in the U.S. is...far too large a percentage of our resources go into the relatively unproductive segment of Defense. If we had not started the war in Iraq, and spent a trillion dollars there...we would have far more freedom now to respond to this short-term crisis.'
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So the question isn't why there's no money to, among other things, maintain the safety net, rebuild the infrastructure, put people to work and improve public education, instead it's what are we going to do to cut down military spending. There's an urgency to this, too, what with perpetual war + global warming + economic collapse = doomsday, and with time running out. Which means that no way can we turn things around by using the cards that our founding fathers dealt us (since their intent was to confound rather than enable attempts to change the system), such as letters to the editor or to the President or Congress, signing petitions, attending periodic rallies and even voting. What does that leave us with? One thing and one thing only, which is that we rise up en masse and change the world. Anything less may make one feel like one is doing something meaningful, thereby lifting one's spirits, perhaps, but accomplishing nothing else.