Monday, March 2, 2009

Afghan response to Obamas "Surge"

Informed Comment:

"' Parliamentarian Shukria Barakzai says she has an innovative amendment to Washington's planned injection of up to 30,000 new troops here. 'Send us 30,000 scholars instead. Or 30,000 engineers. But don't send more troops – it will just bring more violence.' . . .

' A group of 50 mostly Pashtun members of parliament recently formed a working group aimed at blocking the arrival of new troops and pushing for a bilateral military agreement between Kabul and Washington, which currently does not exist.' . . .

' Many cite civilian casualties and house raids as the main reason for their opposition. Recently in Logar, armed locals blocked the highway into Kabul for hours, in protest of a night raid where US forces killed one and detained three others. According to local reports, the nearly 2,000 protestors burned tires and chanted anti-US slogans.'"

We should have bombed Iraq with washers and dryers and plasma TVs instead of DU tipped cruise missiles and 500 pound bunker busters. It would be a lot cheaper for us and think of the local repair industry it could spawned, not to mention the hearts and minds we would have won!

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