Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Firedoglake » A Modest Proposal

Firedoglake » A Modest Proposal: "A friend just suggested to me that the US needs to cut its military budget. To this, I say nonsense!

The US needs to spend more on the military! I mean it's spending half the world's military budget and in return has a military which can't even win against rabble whose entire budget isn't even a rounding error of the US military*. So imagine if the US spent only 25% of the world's military budget, the horrible danger it would be in. Those dangerous Canadians and Mexicans would invade immediately.. It's called the Department of Defense because the US is surrounded by enemies ready and able to invade the US.

In fact, since the US is losing in Afghanistan, I suggest the US add another 92K troops. It's really the best use of America's money. Expand the US military, because the one you've got now can't do the job with only half the world's military budget"

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