Thursday, December 27, 2007

Truthdig - Interviews - Scott Ritter on War With Iran

Truthdig - Interviews - Scott Ritter on War With Iran
By Scott Ritter
The Truthdig columnist (and WMD expert) warns that war with Iran could be inevitable, despite the National Intelligence Estimate report that says Iran dismantled its nuclear program in 2003. Bush, Ritter argues, doesn’t let facts get in the way of what he wants.

Listen (podcast) to this interview. or read the transcript from the link above.
Scott Ritter
I had a brief exchange with Scott Ritter when he was in Gainesville and was very impressed in his honesty and integrity. He is a conservative and served in Vietnam as a military intelligence Office in The Marines. Our conversation was about war with Iran and how it would affect anyone in range if nuclear weapons were used. We agreed that thousands of US troops would die from radiation poisoning along with tens of thousands of innocent civilians, and that any type of attack on Iran by the US or Israel would result in major casualties for US forces in Iraq.
Mary Bahr (Served as an Air Force Intelligence officer in Vietnam)

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